Rick Teed

I wake up every day and ask myself a simple question: How can I add more value than anyone else can, or cares to do?
I recently helped a couple reach a long-held financial goal. They were ready to sell their San Francisco home, and retire to Southern California. Walking through the house, I immediately saw the potential to engage high net worth buyers. I recommended a complete remodel. We finished the renovation, brought the house on the market, and sold it for a million dollars more than our competition estimated. Here's what the seller said when we concluded the transaction: "Rick, my wife and I want to thank you from the bottom of our hearts. You've given us our life long dream of debt-free retirement. Without your help, this never would have happened. We cannot thank you enough."
Real estate is my passion.
You might say that passion runs in the family: My Mom has been in Real Estate for almost 50 years. I purchased my first home when I was a teenager. I gutted the place. Rebuilt it. Buy the time I finished the job, I had found my path. Remodeling homes is deeply rooted in the Teed Haze business proposition. We have dozens of successful projects to our credit, giving us the tremendous vantage point of knowing which screw to turn. If you had a front row seat at Teed Haze, you would see us at a dozen home remodel projects each day. You would find us consulting with sellers on marketing strategy. Or showing buyers their best options to own a magnificent home. Butch and I have perfected a strategic, multi-channel marketing program that is unparalleled in its success. We bring our clients a team of designers, general contractors, marketing experts and the latest technology. When we put all the pieces together, our clients see a greater return on their investment. What's your vision? Let's make it real. – Rick Teed  
Rick At-A-Glance
  • Beverage of ChoiceAM - Coffee at the roaster PM - Beaucastel
  • If I wasn't in Real Estate, I'd be...Playing center field for the Yankees
  • When I was a kid, I wanted to bePlaying center field for the Yankees
  • Current obsessionEvery obsession I get my hands
  • Charity of choiceDigDeep SF
  • Best new SF restaurantPicco/ Marin —Tosca/SF
  • Client's first impressionWhat the hell just happened?
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