Last month we broke down the overbids list and determined that the market was hottest for homes priced around or under the citywide median of $1.16 million. There’s no magic formula to to this, just simple supply and demand. That price point is the most in-demand.

Looking at the most recent list of top 20 overbids (dating back two weeks), we see a continuation of the median-and-under trend, with all 20 homes listed at $1.249 million or less, 12 listed under $1 million and two with asking prices under $500,000. Despite rumors of a cooling trend in local real estate, the entry-to-mid-level segment of the market seems as hot as ever.

And here’s something interesting: of the top 10 most recent overbids (dating back to late May) recorded, four of them are located in the Central Sunset district. Despite being located in not exactly the sexiest of San Francisco neighborhoods, homes the solid, stolid “Avenues” are drawing the kind of interest traditionally reserved for boldface districts like the Marina and Cow Hollow. Beyond being priced in the sweet spot for overbids (the four Central Sunset homes to place in the top 10 were priced between $898,000 and $1.19 million), what is it about these homes that had buyers bidding an average of 39.69 percent over asking?

The four homes, 1622 33rd Avenue, 1671 21st Avenue, 1350 32nd Avenue, and 1575 31st Avenue  are located within walking distance of each other, in section of the Sunset sometimes still unofficially known as “Doelger City,” after developer Henry Doelger, who built the modern Sunset out of sand dunes between 1927 and the mid-1950s. Each is a variation of a mass-produced Doelger floorpan: the “full five,” the “center patio,” etc. Each has been remodeled and updated — to a point.

Perhaps this is the key to these homes’ popularity. These four homes have all been upgraded  and expanded, with post-war kitchens and bathrooms, backyard decks and, characteristic of pre-war Doelger homes, finished basements with family rooms, master suites and the like, but three of them are in at least partially original condition — beautifully maintained, but not completely restored — leaving plenty of opportunity for new owners to create their dream home, rather than living in someone else’s vision.

This is nothing new; flexibility and potential have always been the hallmarks of Sunset homes, which originally came with unfinished, raw space downstairs and large but somewhat barren yards out back. Today, as the most recent overbids list reveals, large (each home has more than 1,500 square feet of space and three, four or five bedrooms), move-in ready homes with original details, big backyards, spacious garages and the potential to be tailored to new owners’ tastes, are clearly in demand. Space, “good bones” and instant livability with unlimited future potential will always be in style.