TEEDHAZE Tops Real Trends List for Sotheby’s Teams Worldwide

Summer is the hottest time of the year — not only because the mercury rises during June, July and August but also because summer is when REAL Trends, as advertised in The Wall Street Journal releases its annual ranking of individual agents and teams. THE THOUSAND spotlights agents who are the top of the top, […]

Top Ten Chinese Buyer Picks

Despite recent official efforts to limit outbound capital flow, Chinese overseas property investment is booming.
That said, where are Chinese buyers looking to invest this year? As we head further into Q2 of 2016, we take a look at the top 10 countries and cities most popular with Chinese buyers on Juwai.com during Q1 2016, and […]

A Tale of Two Tapes

We love our finance clients. There is always so much insight to be learned from our clients at hedge funds, investment banks, private equity. Having said that, a lot of our finance clients have been serious Debbie Downers (with good reason!) Oil, China, tech valuations, Europe are all painting a less than rosy picture.

Jury is out […]

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