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What we do for buyers

Tip of the Week! Rick Teed and Butch Haze as agents are more than just “transaction coordinators” – they offer their clients so much more. In the case of a buyer – if they help someone buy a property, they help guide them towards a property that needs a renovation – whether large or small […]

Mortgage Broker TOTW

Butch Haze and Mortgage Broker, Gannon Tidwell of GT Financial, discuss why it is beneficial to talk with a Mortgage Broker when buying a home. Prequalified vs. Preapproved? Mortgage Broker vs. Bank? Is it a good time to buy in San Francisco? All these questions and more. Check it out! http://www.gtfinancial.com

Earthquake Safety Tips, What to do in event of Earthquake

Rick Teed and Butch Haze, agents at Sotheby's International Reality, bring you this week's Tip of the Week - Earthquake Safety. They ask expert Mike Giannini, Emergency Medical Services (EMS) Battalion Chief of the Marin County Fire Department, what to do the moment an earthquake happens. There is a so much information on the internet that makes the process confusing. Mike weeds out the misinformation and explains what is best to do if an earthquake occurs. Then Rick Teed takes us through the contents of an Earthquake Kit and it's importance.

Smoke Alarm Safety, How to Use, How to Install

Each week Rick Teed and Butch Haze of Sotheby's International Realty will bring you a tip - some funny, some serious - but all will educate about real estate. This week's tip is about installing a smoke detector in a non-obvious place.
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